Monday, 4 September 2017

It's been a strange summer in London.

Highest highs, lowest lows, that kind of deal. I'm figuring it out, slowly and surely, learning to sit in my seasons and enjoy them as they are.

I've been going slower, trying to be ok with the pace. I've been trying to let myself get quiet and let myself listen. I've been drinking lots of coffee and blasting SZA with all the windows open and painting for hours until my neck get stiff from peering at the canvas. Then I've been sleeping and sleeping and staying home and crying those cries that come from the pit of your stomach and hold your breath clutched in your throat. I've been taking baths and trying not to be so excruitatingly frustrated with being so very In Between.

I've been forcing alone time. I spend a lot of time with me, we have fun together, but it's usually very action based. There's always a list to work through and something on the agenda and that's great but being busy is not what I need right now.

This past weekend I feel like I pushed through a little. I've been leaning into different parts of myself, connecting dots I couldn't really surface before, and I can feel the influence seeping into different aspects of my personality, and yeah, into my art.

This weekend I sat down with a new painting idea but the energy just so was not right to get stuck into a big thing. The ideas were there, still are and ready for another day, but I was way too restless to do anything that involved the level of concentration and planning that a big ol' canvas babe requires. So I swirled some black paint around and out came these honeys.

Quick and messy and sexy af.

Super into it. I think there's so much that can be taken from just trying something new and rolling with it without paying mind to your past work or what you think it is you do, you know? Yeah, I'm rambling, what of it?

Hope you like these new girls as much as I do and you should defs take this as your cue to make something new and different just for the shits and giggles.