Thursday, 28 December 2017

The endless possibilities are overwhelming. 

Everything you can do in a day, in your life, the thought of that alone can stun you where you stand. I have to move. I have to create. I have to. I HAVE TO!

The past couple months of my life have been a blur of goodbyes and packing in London (more crying than I had tears to fill and exhausting trips to donate everything I own). Nonstop emotions and possibilities and thinking and planning and deciding. The whole process was very exhausting!

What I needed was exactly what I got: two weeks sipping coconuts and strolling around Cambodia. Waking up when I wanted to without a plan but with long, sunny days to fill with what felt good. I slowed the fuck down and gave myself a sec to just sit with myself. All my dreams and plans about who I want to be and what I want to do started to wake up. 

I sat in cafes writing lists and pages of words, ready to realise all these ideas that have stayed stuck in my mind, too busy with life to give them a chance to actualise. 

Now I'm home, in Australia, where everything is the same but different. Where I feel the same but different. I have these days, again, to fill how I want to fill them, and I have my ambitions, right up in the front of my mind. It feels like the exact right time to make all my dreams come true.

I have enough projects to keep me busy for what seems like the rest of my life at this point so there's no time like right now to get started. One of my projects, you see, is this here blog. Because I have so much to share and talk about and it's just been living in scribbles in notebooks and, mostly, my head.

This morning I sat down, SZA playing, and threw around some fresh paint. Babes, I have some magic brewing. So much magic that there won't be any more of these *things are happening* teaser posts but actual words about actual stuff.

For now, here's the start of this painting. Pink, of course.

See you soon, honey bees.