Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Sometimes a gal's just gotta start a new sketchbook. 

The fresh sheets of paper get my heart pumping with excitement. All this space to fill with colour and ideas! Yes!

I actually needed a new sketchbook to work along with Creating Happy, my course on bringing more creativity that starts tomorrow (omg you guys, join me, it's gonna be MEGA). Being the teacher's pet that I am (even when I'm the teacher?) I thought I'd do a little work before we begin.

I got my watercolours and markers out and had a play with a few ideas that have been floating around in my head. It's mostly text-based as that's generally what I've been gravitating towards lately but I'm looking forward to mixing it up as we work through all the activities.


These are some badge designs I'm working on. Just you wait, honey bees!

And a reminder, in case you might need it: DON'T DREAM YOUR LIFE.

It's a deliciously beautiful day on the Gold Coast today. I'm in my makeshift studio with a never-ending supply of blood orange San Pellegrino and edamame beans (love you long time), windows are open and I have a fan blasting right at me. I've been mixing it up between listening to SZA and No Doubt and then a 30 minute P Diddy inspirational speech (don't knock it 'til you've tried it) and I honestly feel the happiest I've felt in years. Really. We'll chat about it later I'm sure but I feel so very in exactly the right place.

Life is weird and magic and I love it so much.