Sunday, 11 February 2018

I've been in Australia over a month now.

I know, right. Bananas.

Life still feels in a bit of a limbo, because a) I haven't got myself a "proper" job yet (umm, we'll talk about this later, k?), b) I'm living at home with my Mam (for reaaaals we'll talk about this later!), c) I came over with one suitcase after getting rid of all my stuff, again, and d) I have no idea what I want to do with my life.

Well, that last one wasn't entirely true. I know precisely what I want to do with my life: make art and travel. It's the hundred billion questions and options that go along with this that have me feeling like I have no ideas what I want to do with my life. The what is there. I just need to figure out the how, when, and where.

So, this limbo. It's not a great place to sit in for too long. Not for me, anyways. It makes me feel off centre and a little lost. I have a lot of work I need to be creating right now and I know the best way to allow everything to flow is to set up my living space.

I need my space to be as comfortable, clear, and functional as possible and I absolutely have to feel a strong sense of self in my surroundings (oh hey Taurus with Leo rising!)

Luckily, my Mam had kept the majority of my old books and sketchbooks and also has a collection of doll heads, fake flowers, and vintage Versace magazines - of course!

As always, I've started putting my paintings around my space, too (and the entire house). Is an artist decorating with their own work a bit like a musician playing their own music? Probably, but I know Kanye listens to his own music and there's no one I look up to more (says a lot).

This piece, "The End' is one of my recent faves. It's so much smaller than I usually paint but I think that adds to it somehow, you know? I've also been crazy busy getting these prints in the shop and shipping out orders. Man, it feels good to be creating and running my shop. I missed it so!

After a slower week, this Monday I feel a hell of a lot more energised to get busy and not only create all this stuff but create my life. It's something I spent the best part of last year thinking about, wishing I had the time. I do now. Despite all the uncertainty, it's up to no one but me to use that as my power.

It's time to work real hard, honey bees!

All the love,