My Love-Hate Relationship With Magic & How (& Why) I Made The Bad Bitch Affirmation Deck

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Isn't it fascinating how our minds work?

We've been gifted with this machinery that is powerful beyond belief but we don't have anything even close to a guidebook on how it functions. Trust me, I got my degree in psychology and those fours years didn't bring me any closer to enlightenment (actually, my personal reading and study has been far more beneficial, but let's not get into that, k). Turns out I care more about creating art (and creating a life) than sitting in a clinic.

So, how does this connect to me now creating a rainbow deck of affirmations sprinkled with profanities? Girl, let me tell you.

Maybe about two years ago I opened up to magic. I opened up to what magic can feel like and create and how we can utilise. I opened up to magic so much I got the word tattooed on my arm. As much as I want to vibe with the witchy magic I'm so aesthetically into, honey, it's all about practicality. I've gotta know the why. 

And here's the thing: the more you study the metaphysical arts, the more functional and scientific they appear. I want to know the cold hard facts. There's too much shit to be adding to our morning and evening routines and daily rituals and blah-de-fucking-blah to spend time burning a candle or pulling cards that don't actually mean shit to you. Metapsychics has been Goop-ed the fuck up and it's noisy and expensive and I don't want to spend my money on something just because it looks dope. (Though it totally should. This is the future, design is everything). It just has to serve a purpose and it has to give results. 

You get me?

So, cards. All that talk about results and I've created paper with words on and that's what I'm saying can change your life. Well, yeah.

Tarot cards used to mean fortune telling. I pictured babes with bold looks and crystal balls and my ill-informed self placed the whole concept firmly in the over-crowded box labelled "none-sense." Somewhere down the line I started reading about the Tarot and how people actually use it. I even got myself the Rider Waite deck (which I used to bring to my office job and spend half my day half Googling and half completely making up reading for anyone who sat still long enough). Turns out Tarot isn't about fortune telling - whodafunk?! It's actually a tool to self-reflect, using symbols as clues to examine and understand our own thought processes. A lot of the time when we're talking to people we're actually just looking for them to re-direct our thoughts or even re-affirm what we already know. I think thats how Tarot works, too. 

Shuffling a deck became a means to connect with where I'm at and where I want to go. The cards themselves hold no magic - the power is within us and just needs a stir.

Affirmations came next.

Phrases and mantras we repeat to ourselves. Over and over and over again. In the mirror if we're feeling extra sassy. I'm gonna be honest, I rolled my eyes to these more than anything at first. It just didn't seem practical whatsoever. And, still, I admit, it's kinda fucking weird. ("Sorry, what did you say?" "Oh, no, I was just chanting 'I'm a sexy cosmic bad bitch' to myself while waiting to scan my groceries!")

Hey, non-belivers, put this in your bong and smoke it: how do our brains learn anything? Why, through continued repetition that impacts our behaviours and beliefs, of course!

And, this happens whether we're conscious of it or not. We're always learning. Our upbringing, society, anyone and everyone we interact with, it all contributes to the stream of consciousness in our minds telling us who we are and what life is. 

Honey bee, what if we can control that?

We can actively direct our mental processes, and we constantly are, with what we think, say, and do. Even accidentally we're reciting mantras to ourselves. Except, usually, they totally suck ass. How many times do you utter to yourself "I'm not good enough" or "I don't deserve it" or "I wish I was richer/thinner/smarter/braver/bolder." There's a stream of bullshit filling you with thoughts that keep you small every day. It's everywhere. Outside and in. 

Here's where the magic comes in. You can actively and consciously direct your internal voice to manifest everything you want. Truly. 

Pick a card.

Read the phrase.

What does this mean to you today?
Does it ring true? Why? Why not?

Chant it to yourself.
In your head. Out loud.
In a whisper. While dancing to Lil Kim in high heels.

Say it 10 times. 100 time.
"I am a hot high vibe honey"

Let these words lift you.
Rise to your baddest, boldest self.

Let these mantras sit on the tip of your tongue.
"I am committed to making my dreams fucking happen"

So that, no matter what life may ask
You are ready to answer it with:

"I am a sexy badass bitch aligning with my cosmic brilliance"

The first batch of decks sold out (THANK YOU!!!) but you can grab one of pre-order here.
And, you can pick yourself an affirmation, for free, anytime you want, from the hashtag #badbitchaffirmations

Love you bad bitches,