Photo by Viv Morris

Oh, hi.

I'm Gabi, an artist. 

I've always been an artist but only started living like one and calling myself one about a year ago. I have a lot of feelings about this but we'll save that for later.

I create art to tell stories. Stories about being a woman and everything that can mean. About being a bad bitch, healing, being the creator of my own universe, being sexy and smart and learning, always learning.

Yorkshire-born, London-grown, but Australia's Gold Coast is the eternal base. Restless to my core, I can, and will, make the whole world my home.

I once met Kanye in an airport and I like to think he, too, looks back with a sense of thrill and deeply-rooted embarrassment (I may or may not have power-walked up to him and blurted something about him being the modern day Shakespeare, I dunno, who really remembers anyway?). 

Things I'm way into: colours, costume jewellery, vegan junk food, Greenwich, sci-fi movies, Judd Apatow movies, Seth Rogen's laugh, magic, big conversations and definitely not small talk, babes who make stuff happen, vanilla soy lattes, biographies and memories and books about business, waking up early and going to yoga and tidying my flat and having my shit together, hanging out on my own, crying in art galleries, feeling all the feelings, Disney, the colour pink, being silly and smart all at once, and love, above all else.

Say hi to me on Instagram (because ya girl lives there, pretty much) or drop me a line at gabriellarosiemurray@gmail.com