Creating Happy

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Babe, there is too much magic within you to not bring it all to life. We are all blessed with our own formula of uniqueness that brings about a creativity that no other person in the entire history and future of the universe can come close to. The world needs what only you are capable of creating.

Creating Happy is a 31 day online class where you will receive prompts and projects straight to your inbox. With this program you will develop a set of tools that you can use again and again to tap into your own creativity, get yourself unstuck, and increase your happiness.

Is Creating Happy for me?

Do you feel stuck? A little uninspired and unmotivated, maybe, or just a bit lost as to where to start? Do you wish you could do something with all those ideas you have floating around in your head? Do you feel blocked creatively blocked? If you would like to supercharge your creativity and good vibes then, babe, I made this course just for you.

For a good part of last year I felt like complete and utter shit.

I felt shit about things in life I felt where happening to me. I felt stuck in a life I created. I was heartbroken and uninspired by the life I was living. It didn't matter what went right or wrong because no matter what, my mind had me grounded in place. I had dreams and ideas and lists of things I just didn't have the energy (or understanding) to actually start creating.

But then, everything changed.

I learnt something: the opposite to depression isn't happiness, it's creating. It's the unrelenting strength to make a bad situation better, little by little. It's picking yourself up and getting yourself unstuck.

I feel like a different human now, truly. I wake up each day excited by the limitless possibilities of what I can create. Energised by the whole world around me. I'm making more art in a week than I did in months and people are buying it. Opportunities are coming to me easily.

Though I scream about magic, this wasn't magic. It wasn't a dramatic shift. It was slow and gradual, almost unnoticeable. Something else I need to be very clear about: this is an everyday process. You have to actively lift your mood. Every single day you have to work bit by bit to be more creative and, in turn, more happy.

How will daily creating make me happier? When we are active in doing things that we enjoy and that make us feel good, it's only natural that our vibes rise. As children we got such a deep joy from throwing paints around and making up stories but as we grew up we forgot how important it is to play. We got to serious and stuck in our ways.

When you allow yourself to create with no pressure or limitations, you free yourself. You connect with what you enjoy and how you feel through creative outlets that take you outside of the every day. You see what you're truly capable of, how remarkable your mind and your ideas and your skills are.

Through my degree in Psychology, I've come to understand how the brain works on a scientific level. my continued reading in all aspects of positive psychology has just about set my heart alight with the remarkable abilities we have to make ourselves feel good. In the hundreds of books I've read on the subject nothing comes close to the education I've received from being an artist. Creating art every single day makes me feel high. Positively electric.

When we create life begins to feel limitless. We can literally begin to create our lives. We see how capable we are of producing something of beauty and value from nothing. We see ourselves for what we really are: cosmic goddesses with entire universes in our brains waiting for us to actualise them!

I see too many remarkable humans crippled by their own doubts and insecurities. They don't explore who they are and they don't value their own potential. They live in lives that are pushed upon them. Their abilities are never actualised.  We don't have to be like this. We can create our own lives. We can create our own happiness.

My daily emails will guide you through prompts and projects that will make creativity a part of your life and open you up to your abilities and potential.

I am so excited to see what you create!

How it all works

Starting February 1st you will receive an email from me every day for 31 one days. There will be a mix of creative prompts, videos, activities and projects. Once you have the daily pieces they're yours forever so you can look back and re-do any or all of it whenever you choose.

As this is creative based I recommend having a sketchbook or notebook and a few supplies. Nothing is required per se but you'll want some things to play with. Head to the dollar store and pick up a few things that take your fancy if you don't already have art supplies.

Let's do this, honey bees!