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Imagine if you created all the things you think about creating.

I know you are filled with ideas and visions that are begging you to bring them to fruition.

You might not know exactly what they are yet but you can feel the creativity energy buzzing within you. Your heart skips a beat when you see colours mixing together, and strings of sounds and words feel electric! You’re an artist - you can feel it in your very core!

I know you are filled with ideas and visions that are begging you to bring them to fruition. You want to feel energy radiating from you, to create more than you consume, and to become the biggest and baddest version of yourself.

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($88AUD / approx 64USD / £50)

The world needs what only you can create and, most importantly, you need it. You owe it to yourself to unleash your creative superpower and live as big and boldly as you desire.

Over the next four weeks, we will come face-to-face with the true power of your creativity. Through a series of videos, I will give you the tools and guidance to map out your creative vision for 2019.

The world needs what only you are capable of creating.

When we create our lives become limitless. We realise that we can create our very lives. We see how capable we are of producing something of beauty and value from nothing.

We see ourselves for what we really are: cosmic goddesses with entire universes in our brains waiting to be actualised!

By the end of the course you’ll be flooded with project ideas and equipped with the mindset and resources to make them in Real Legit Things that you share with the world, building your audience and maybe making a bit of money along the way!

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I spent years struggling to consistently make art, falling short of the expectations I held for myself, feeling stuck and overwhelmed by the whole ordeal. I knew I wanted to be an artist but couldn’t figure out how to bridge the gap between my desires and my actions.

Art Babe shows you exactly how you can transform your relationship with your creativity. I will take you through the exact steps I used to hone in on my creative vision and build a business around my art in less than a year! You’ll watch video workshops that map out your creative vision for 2019, walk you through the stages of finding and developing your own unique style, and move past the fear to share your work and build an audience who love what you create.


Starting November 26th, you will receive an email from me every Monday for four weeks.

Along with the video workshop you will receive additional worksheets, resources, and support - straight to your inbox! You’ll want to have a sketchbook or notebook to plot your masterplan in and that’s it. We’re gonna keep it nice and simple around here.

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You don’t want to waste any more time daydreaming about what could be or wishing you had the confidence/skills/whatever to make your dreams happen. You have everything you need within you right now to create the work you were born to bring into this world.

Believe in yourself enough to start and you’re halfway there, babe.

Art Babe starts November 26th. Enrolment won’t reopen again until mid 2019.