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We are all creative beings.

Doesn’t it just feel good to make something from nothing?! Humans are innately creative beings. We want to make stuff! We’ve been the alchemists of our lives and this world since the beginning of time. Taking what was once merely an idea and transforming it into a delicious reality. That is making magic! This is your superpower.

You can have everything you want in life.

All those dreams and desires that live within you can become your reality. Babe, you are not here for a dull life! You are here for a sparkling life - full to the brim of magnificent things. You have so much within you, begging you to bring it to reality. Visions of a life that sets your soul on fire and ignites your energy.

But so often these dreams are buried beneath responsibilities and busy lives. We spend less time playing with our ideas and exploring the possibilities living within us. We stray further away from aspirations of what we could create, where we could travel, and how we could live and soon enough, life has us feeling stuck in place.

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Making Magic is your gateway to getting clear on what it is you want to create in your life.

Together we will transform your thinking, break through blocks, and unleash your creative superpower. You’ll watch instructional videos guiding you through simple techniques and activities that will lead you to developing a deeper connection to your creativity and true self.

With my guidance, you will cultivate your own creative practice. Through four weeks of daily emails, together we will blast through any resistance that might be holding you back, unlock the limitless powers of your imagination, push to expand your dreams, and shift your behaviour from being the passive consumer to the passionate creator!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Each week will start with a video lesson and you will receive daily messages with activities and tools that will allow you to put the teachings to immediate effect.


Remove blocks and limitations that are keeping you feeling stuck and make space for dreaming bigger and getting in tune with what you really, really want.


Craft and develop a simple daily creativity practice that fits in your lifestyle and allowing you to make real consistent progress towards your goals. I’ll teach you what I do to create everyday and also how I’ve made creativity a part of my daily wellbeing and healing practice.


Get energised and inspired by your own potential and abilities so that you feel empowered to act on your ideas. You’ll feel ready to make your dreams a reality and empowered to share your creations.


Shift your thinking patterns from a place of consuming to inspired creating. We’ll crush comparisonitis and have you feeling mass gratitude for your own unique skills and style.


I’ll teach you my systems and routines for organised my thoughts and ideas so that you can get clear on where you want to progress and can start taking real action to define and achieve your goals.

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Whether you have grand creative aspirations such as filling galleries with your art and writing a bajillion books or you’re simply looking to connect with and develop your creative power and unlock its transformational properties in your life, this course is for you.

The act of making a commitment to yourself to honour your desires and vision is putting self-love and self-belief in action. It’s taking control of your destiny.

When we devote daily time to honing our creativity we expand our scope of possibility. We grow to seek alternatives and fresh perspectives. We realise that everything is open to interpretation and that we can truly create anything we desire.

It is time for you to get enthusiastic AF about your life! The life of your dreams will not happen by accident. You have to create it with intention!

Making Magic is only available until June 1.

Enrol now at the launch price of $111 before it increases next round.


Q. What is the format?

A. We begin on June 1 when you will receive your first lesson straight to your inbox! You’ll receive a video lesson Saturday and daily messages with prompts and activities to allow you to keep on track and put the teachings into action throughout your week.

You’ll receive a total of 28 individual lessons from me in a combination of videos, activities, and prompts direct to your inbox. That means you’ll have lifetime access and can repeat the course or work through certain lessons whenever you choose!

Be sure to enter you email correctly on purchase and check your spam/trash folders - if there’s no trace you email me (

Q. What supplies do I need?

A. A notebook and pen will get you through every step of this course.

Q. How much time do I need to spend to do this?

A. Each task will take you 20 minutes or less to complete and you’ll be free to expand or simply as you desire. This course is designed to be as streamlined as possible so you can easily make it a part of your life.

Q. I’m not very creative!

A. Babycakes, that is your doubt talking! Everyone is creative in an endless multitude of ways. Making Magic is about using your innate creative capabilities to connect to your true self and get deeply inspired about your life. Together we’ll have you creating in whatever capacity you desire!