The Vortex Deck

The Vortex Deck


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Babygirl, it’s your mission to feel good.

Getting yourself into the vortex of high vibes can now be just a card pull away. Each of the 42 bubblegum pink cards gives you a prompt to raise your vibration. Whether you’re urged to “get sweaty,” “take a bath,” or “meditate” you’ll find yourself equipped with a multitude of activities that will light you up.

Sometimes it feels like the biggest struggle to shift my mood. My thoughts spiral, taking my vibration down with them and, even though I know that I can create my own happiness, it seems to fuzzy to begin. I created this deck as a tool to get myself unstuck. Pulling a card and following its cue jerks me out of that stagnant headspace.

You have the power to redirect how you feel at any time. You are in charge of your vibration. You are capable of living your greatest fantasy.

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